Improve your job application ROI

Improve job hunting ROI

The more time you put into writing your CV the better it will be, right? Well, not always and a lot depends on how you spend your time. You obviously want to have a high return on the time and resources you invest on your quest to be employed, and we have some great solutions. … Read more

5 ways to run a green job search

Green job search

The term ‘going green’ refers to the pursuit of knowledge and putting into practice methods that lead to more environmentally friendly decisions. These lifestyle changes, no matter how small, can have a positive affect on the environment. With more people making these small adjustments to go greener with their lifestyle choices, the planet can hopefully … Read more

What are good hobbies for a CV?

Good hobbies for CV - photography

In this guide we look at what are good hobbies for CV writers to include. You will find an abundance of online help when it comes to writing a CV, and these days you can even find a ready made CV template to simply insert your amazing talents – what a helpful world we live … Read more

How to present diverse work experience

How to present diverse work experience

On this page we deal with how to present diverse work experience to a prospective employer. Hiring managers now have to look through literally hundreds of CVs when deciding who to shortlist for an interview, which means that yours might only get a quick glance. So if your past work experience is diverse, then it … Read more