Straight talk: should I quit my job?

There may come a time in your career when something just doesn’t feel right, but you continue to plod along regardless. Paying the bills and saving up for the next holiday in the sun is what’s motivating you to keep going – but is that enough? Do you continue down this path of regret or doing something about it?

It’s about time you listened to what those negative feelings have to say, and a straight talk about the job is well overdue. Here’s why you may need to reconsider your job or career and be honest with yourself.

Your hard work doesn’t get great results

Pride can often get in the way of a career, and finding something that we are actually good at can be a difficult decision. Being stuck in the same job for years and continuing to get average results is not very motivating. Maybe there’s something else out there that you could excel at?

Are you always passed up for promotion?

Do you often feel like it’s a struggle to get out of bed in a morning?

Average or even poor results will continue to drag your mood down until it starts to affect others around you. Co-workers may begin to avoid you and will typically go to someone else for help if they can. The problem however is recognising and accepting that this is happening to you, and that you need to take action.

Don’t let your pride get in the way of the truth – this job may not be for you. Consider what really excites and energises you, and what you’d like to get out of bed for each morning. Visit job boards and research what skills or qualifications you’d need to pursue a career you’d enjoy and get the results you deserve.

You complain a lot

If you find that you’re often quite negative and pessimistic at work, then this could be a clear indication that you are in the wrong job. When it gets to this stage you need to consider how this will affect those around you. A negative vibe is always going to make things harder, and when problems need solving, customers need serving, ideas need generating – you are going to get in the way.

If the source of your negativity comes down to a disagreement with a colleague or your manager on how things are run, then have a think about what really matters. Should you continue to put up a barrier and make things difficult when you disagree on something, or should you just get on with the job and accept that you are not always in control of these decisions?

If you want to be the one calling the shots you need to see the bigger picture. Your manager is not going to consider you for promotion if you have a negative attitude. They are looking for positive thinkers and people who are willing to help others in tough situations. Your negativity will continue to plague your career and those around you.

So what can you do about it?

Maybe you are just not happy with your job and need to find something else. If you are satisfied that you’ve chosen the right career but you want to work for a different company, then get applying today. Don’t let your mood get even worse and drag this situation out any longer. But if you are not happy with your career, then figure out what you really want to do – and fast!

You constantly think about doing something else

If you are constantly distracted at work by thoughts of doing something else, then this could be a huge indicator that you are in the wrong job. Your mind should always be focused on the task at hand, but if you are consumed with thoughts of doing something else then take action!

You don’t have to stick around just because the money is good or it’s convenient. However, changing jobs isn’t an easy process and there is a lot of stress, worry and hard work involved. Writing a new CV, attending interviews, and handing in your notice is quite a big step – but you must make it happen. The entire process could just take a few months and you will be grateful that you did it. A few weeks or months is a drop in the ocean when it comes to the years you will spend in your new job.

The other option is to find out if there is anything else you could do within the company. If you work in sales but have always enjoyed advertising and marketing, then speak with your boss to see if there is a training program or an opportunity to learn about those aspects. If you are a committed and passionate individual at work who achieves great results, the company will usually try and accommodate your needs to keep you with them. Just let them know how you feel, but be constructive and understanding if there isn’t an opportunity.

You’re exhausted

If you’re feeling mentally and/or physically exhausted at the end of every day, you may need to consider if this job is worth the hassle. Your work-life balance is very important, and feelings like this will not go away any time soon unless you do something about it.

Speak with your boss and let them know how your job is affecting your well being. A thoughtful and caring employer should pay special attention to your physical or mental state, and should do everything within their power to help. If they take little interest then maybe it’s time to move on to greener pastures. But decide which is the problem here – is it your own abilities and stamina that’s the issue, or is the company expecting too much of its work force?

It isn’t always the company that’s to blame and your own stamina could be falling short. Again, put your pride to one side and look at those around you who do the same tasks. Are other people exhausted and feeling the same, or are you an isolated case? Figure out what’s causing your exhaustion and look for solutions.

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